“Empowering individuals to live their best life fabulously, through self-discovery, wholeness and unapologetically on purpose.”

Are you feeling stuck, lost, or confused about where your life is heading?  Do you have an overwhelming desire to do more or be more, but can’t quite figure out how? Do you go about life every day knowing there is something else you should be doing, but are afraid to act on it? Do you have a dream, goal, or idea that you don’t understand just how to execute? Are you that person who actually knows exactly what you desire to do, but lack the confidence to take charge of your own life?  Have you reached a high and comfortable level of success in life and maybe trying to determine what’s next? Maybe you find it difficult coping or balancing everyday life and need the right inspiration and approach to breakthrough.  I can help you with discovering and tapping into your true power within and positioning yourself to prosper.

As a Purpose Coach, I utilize knowledge and life experiences with an innovative and proactive approach designed to help you be the best most fabulous you by providing Biblical insight and practical solutions that help you move forward into your destiny with boldness, confidence, and passion.  It is my belief that everyone was created with greatness and every girl, young lady and woman in Christ should know they are royalty. Often times you may only need someone to help you see it or may need that extra PUSH of motivation into your life of purpose.  Sometimes, your purpose will pursue you, but it can’t find you if you are hiding from it. Either way, I can guide you into a life full of purpose. Join me on the journey to leading you with passion and proper perspective.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my financial situation a lot. I contemplated on ways that I could become financially stable and earn extra income. One day I finally decided that I would like to become an entrepreneur. The thing is, I didn’t know where to begin, so I thought, what better way to get started than to ask someone who is a successful entrepreneur. Nameica and I had a 1 on 1 consultation and discussed my ultimate goals. She provided a list of things that I should do, and one of them was to join a network marketing team to gain sales experience and exposure. I had been approached multiple times before about network marketing. Still, I had no interest in it until my conversation with Nameica. She explained the importance of gaining sales experience and also building a clientele. She provided other advice and steps to take as I progress, such as setting goals and brainstorming on what I would like my business to become.

Overall, Nameica is exceptionally positive and supportive. I must say if it had not been for her, I wouldn’t be pursuing network marketing, which by the way, has started off great, and I have my website! Nameica is honest and doesn’t mind sharing her mistakes to help others avoid making them as she did. I will definitely be taking advantage of future coaching programs offered by Nameica more advice and growth as I continue this journey towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Anjiquita M., owner of A Major Event – Montgomery, Alabama

“Lately, I’ve been thinking about my financial situa